For the Love of a Child

Welcome to Heart for the Kids. We are a humble group of people bound by love for the children caught in the drama at the southern border. We believe they are at risk of being damaged, maybe for life, and while the immigration debate rages they have become the innocent collateral damage.

We are looking for like minded people like you to help us by standing arm in arm while we reach these little ones. Please get involved by contacting us here.

Heart for the Kids is a non-profit association formed to address the plight of border children.

A Humble Start

In 10 days we are going to visit our list of immigrant shelters/tent cities in the non-glamorous but very adventurous city of Tijuana. These immigrant moms carried their kids thousands of miles and are now stuck waiting for their day at the border. Essentially, they are homeless with their kids on the streets in one of the most violent crime ridden cities on earth. Some of the shelters are absolute squalor.

Lets go check it out? There is room for you. Mark the Date: August 29, 2019

Once upon a time in Mexico!

These are the shelters we have identified:

Mission Evangelica Roca de Salvacion
Mayapan 20704, Cañon de la Raza, Tijuana, B.C., Mexico/ calle huajicori #20704 col. azteca Tijuana, Baja California 22224

Camino de Salvacion Iglesia Cristiana Bautista
Calle 9, El Pipila, 22206 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico

Iglesia Embajadores de Jesus
Calle Cañon del Alacrán 4094, Divina Providencia, 22000 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico

Movimiento Juventud 2000  
Avenida Constitución 205, Zona Norte, Zona Nte., 22000 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico

2da. Arnaiz 6013, Nueva Aurora Sur, 22604 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico